GeoTag-X Pilot Project

Recognise important information from a photograph and create datasets that could become essential tools for predicting disasters.

What isGeoTag-X Pilot Project?

Scientists want to know if Geo-Tag-X can be a useful tool in case of disasters. Therefore, they have set up a series of pilot projects covering different related disaster events, such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes as well as slow-moving events such as drought, climate change and pollution. The analysis can cover topics as diverse as environmental conditions, health, agriculture, and engineering.

What do you do

GeoTag-X is a research project that asks you to recognise the important information in a photo and create relevant, structured datasets. There are two ways to contribute. The main way is answering specific questions about images. One other way is finding photos for active projects. Without photos, the applications on this website will not give much information. To help you do this an add-on for Firefox is available and allows you to send photos directly to the server while you are browsing the web.

Relation to school topics

Weather, Climate Change

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