The registration for the third Space Awareness MOOC “Our Wonderful Universe” is now open!
The course starts on 29 May 2017!

The registration for the third Space Awareness MOOC “Our Wonderful Universe” is now open!

This course will offer teachers from all levels of educations the means to teach space and astronomy related topics to their students. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is built in such a way that all teachers can participate, focusing especially on those who are interested in astronomy but never had the opportunity to learn more about it or have very little background information and do not feel comfortable to communicate basic information about our universe to their students.

The course starts on Monday, 29th May 2017. Teachers can register now at the EUN Academy platform.

In this course, participants will understand basic information about the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and other planets, as well as other celestial objects. Participants will also learn how to tackle misconceptions about space and astronomy with students, how to introduce fun activities and learn how to use them at school or at home and raise awareness on different space missions and space careers.

This course also builds upon the concepts presented in the first Space Awareness MOOC, Teaching with Space and Astronomy in your classroom. Anyone wishing to join is encouraged to briefly review the topics of Inquiry Based Science Education, ICT tools for space and astronomy, managing diversity and gender balance, and how to introduce space careers to students, before the start of the course.

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