Space Career Board Game

Our wonderful Universe, Our fragile planet, Navigation through the ages, The journey of ideas

Brief Description

This is a collaborative board game to introduce the theme of space careers in the classroom. Students will embark on a journey to the Earth orbit, the Moon, and Mars, and will have to carry out all sort of tasks required by missions of this nature. While playing the game, they will learn about diferent careers related to space and the studies and skills necessary to successfully work in this feld (this activity can be used in science teaching hours). Students will also improve their collaborative team competences, by learning how to work in groups while experimenting and discussing results (the activity can be used in tutoring hours, as well).


  • To learn about space careers in a fun way.
  • To identify students’ interests and hopes for the future.
  • To promote space careers as a motivation for learning and studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at school.
  • To exploit the importance of skills that are relevant to follow space careers.
  • To explore and to research about possible future space careers.
  • To investigate space science topics and phenomena which relate to space careers.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able:

  • To identify current and future space careers, and their importance to humankind;
  • To fnd the science behind some space related jobs;
  • To identify the felds of study required to follow the space careers previously listed;
  • To identify and explore skills that are important in the pursuit of a career related to space;
  • To plan, manage and control a space mission to Mars.