Meet Dr Dirk Schüttemeyer

Campaign Coordinator


Dirk Schüttemeyer is a Campaign Coordinator with the European Space Agency (ESA). His job is connected with testing of instrumentation prototypes which will be used in future space missions and launched onboard satellites. During the process of testing Dirk and his team put a satellite instrument onboard an aircraft and investigate what this instrument will observe from space.

Dirk Schüttemeyer received his Diploma degree from Bonn University, in Bonn, Germany, in 2000 and his Ph.D. degree from Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands, in 2005.

He was working with Wageningen University, The Netherlands, University Muenchen, Germany and Bonn University before joining ESA as the Scientific Campaign Coordinator in the Mission Science Division.

His fields of interest are in active and passive remote sensing, land-atmosphere interaction, data assimilation and weather forecasting. Led by his interests, he worked in different teams and travelled to different countries.

At the moment Dirk is coordinating the ADM-Aeolus mission which will be measuring wind parameters at different heights. The data obtained with this mission will soon be used in different climate models in order to improve weather forecast.

Apart from his job, Dirk enjoys cycling and driving his vintage car.

Dr Dirk Schüttemeyer
Place of job
European Space Agency (ESA), the Netherlands
Campaign Coordinator
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