1. 03/05/2017
    Space Awareness at the EU Open Day 2017
  2. 25/04/2017
    Space Scoop Now Has Eyes on the Earth
  3. 12/04/2017
    The second MOOC "Navigation through the Ages" has officially ended
  4. 03/03/2017
    Space Awareness national teachers’ trainings
  5. 23/02/2017
    Space Awareness webinar: Intercultural science education on the example of the Space Awareness Islamic Heritage Kit
  6. 26/01/2017
    Space Awareness webinar: ESA’s Space Exploration Missions
  7. 18/01/2017
    Registration for the second Space Awareness MOOC is now open!
  8. 17/01/2017
    Mars Mission summer school
  9. 11/01/2017
    Germany: Help, the ice at the North Pole is melting!