Join SkyNet to help astronomers solve some of the big mysteries about the Universe.

What is SkyNet?

When you join SkyNet, your computer helps astronomers process information and solve some of the big mysteries about the Universe. Data collected by one of several radio telescopes is sent to your computer as a small data packet ready for processing. Once the data packet is processed, it is sent back, and the process begins all over again. By repeating this process across thousands of computers, it is possible to simulate a single powerful machine capable of doing relevant scientific research!

What do you do?

‘Your computer is bored. It has spare computing power nearly all the time that could be used to do something cool. So, why not let it?’ To participate, you need to create an account and install software. Then, you just let your computer do the work during its downtime, like a screensaver, or just keep it open in your internet browser.

Relations with school topics

Astroinformatics, the science of astronomy, the origin and structure for the Universe

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