1. 10 de Octubre de 2017
    EU Space Awareness releases brand-new Space Career Booklet
  2. 3 de Octubre de 2017
    International Workshop on Space Education in Ethiopia
  3. 2 de Octubre de 2017
    Space Awareness webinar: Earth2.0 - The Future of Humankind in Space
  4. 30 de Agosto de 2017
    The registration for the fourth and final Space Awareness MOOC “Our Fragile Planet” is now open!
  5. 24 de Agosto de 2017
    A one-day Space Awareness workshop in Nigeria
  6. 18 de Agosto de 2017
    Experience the 21 August Total Solar Eclipse from Anywhere
  7. 24 de Julio de 2017
    The third MOOC "Our Wonderful Universe" has officially ended
  8. 5 de Julio de 2017
    New features and material are available on the Space Awareness website
  9. 7 de Junio de 2017
    Space Awareness webinar: Space Life Sciences Challenges – Integrating Art with Science and Engineering to Engage and Innovate