Meet Dr Susanne Schwenzer

Planetary Scientist


Susanne Schwenzer is a lecturer in Earth sciences, researching into water rock interaction on Mars (and Earth) at the Open University, in London, UK.

She fell in love with planet Mars during her PhD on Martian meteorites, but also has a keen interest in analytics and the technical side of measuring. The latter was what drew her to Mars: the perspective of using a very special technology to measure noble gases… in Martian meteorites. Her main interest since is Mars, she is currently working on the Curiosity Rover mission and hopes to be involved in the ExoMars rover mission in the future.

If she doesn’t do science, she loves reading – mainly about exploration and adventure, including about astronauts and space. She also dabbles in badminton and is quite fast on her inline skates.

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Susanne Schwenzer
Place of job
Open University, UK
Lecturer, Planetary Scientist
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