Role models for space careers - Activity 2

Our wonderful Universe, Our fragile planet, Navigation through the ages, The journey of ideas

Role models to stimulate young people´s interests in science

Role models can be a powerful influence to inspire young people and encourage them to consider a scientific or technical career. Researchers and engineers over the whole world can provide personal views on the latest space sciences and space technologies, share their personal experience as a scientists, tell about their education and what led them to a space career, or relate to students by what they may have in common.

Role models are particularly effective if they form part of a curriculum in which careers information and advice is integrated into subject teaching. This is why Space Awareness is providing a wide range of educational and career resources that can be used as a coherent suite of classroom activities.

The multiplicative effect of implementing activities related to space sciences and space careers, coupled with the influence of teachers on their students’ opinions and future career choices are important tools for enhancing the impact of role models.

The two activities presented in the attachement were designed taking into consideration that each one of them could be followed up by other Space Awareness activities.  Connections to the Space Awareness educational resources, Space Scoops, and career material can easily be made.

A summary of suggestions selected amongst research articles provides good advices on how to use role models effectively with the classroom.

Level of the students: primary and secondary

Cost: low

Description of the Activity: Space Careers near my classroom

After Identifying one or several individuals and/or institutions working on a space-related activity near the students´ school location, students will elaborate their own interview and publish a video or a journalistic piece highlighting the careers and career paths they discovered about.

This video/report could be posted on the Space Awareness Platform, on a social media platform, a school blog or school website, etc., to reach a larger community, including parents and other students.

Information about careers

You can find information about careers in many websites. For exemple,

- Space Awareness,

- the European Space Agency,

- a national or university career guidance service,

- a national space agency,

- the local Space Awareness contact (check the map for more information about the national contact points)

- the Odysseus booklet

8 - 19
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