Collections of peer-reviewed science activities published on astroEDU by Space Awareness

IAU astroEDU is an open-access platform for peer-reviewed science education activities. The platform aims to make the best science activities, particularly those with an astronomical, earth or space science focus, accessible to educators around the world. It allows educators to discover, review, distribute, improve, and remix educational activities.

Space Awareness activities on astroEDU is published under three categories: Our Wonderful Universe, Our Fragile Planet, and Navigation Through the Ages. These topics are the result from a survey disseminated to educators in 10 European countries and South Africa in 2015. All the activities have been reviewed by an educator and a scientist and are tested and improved by teachers and educators all around Europe and beyond.

- Navigation through the Ages

Navigation through the ages traces the history of navigation, the fifteenth century European explorers and their missions of global discovery, to the importance of Europe’s Galileo programme to the current needs of citizens.

- Our Fragile Planet

Our fragile planet deals with the major environmental problems facing the world, the importance of Earth satellites in monitoring climate changes of our planet and the role that the study of other planets can play in understanding the environmental challenges facing the Earth.

- Our Wonderful Universe

Our wonderful Universe considers the vastness and beauty of the Universe. The activity collection relates to the knowledge and challenges of human space exploration.