Night Cities ISS

Help identify some features of pictures taken from the ISS and connect them using a map.

What is Night Cities ISS?

Scientists from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid GUAIX study light pollution and the related energy consumption. They use images taken from the International Space Station (ISS), but they need to localise every picture to be able to compare the images with the different light sources on Earth. Because of a large number of images, they don’t know all locations, and it is very difficult to identify features on the picture. However, several people worldwide know the cities and can connect the images with a point on the map.

What do you do?

Your role is to observe a picture and identify some features you know. You have some simple tools such as zooming in and out as well as dragging the picture. When you identify one, you just have to click on it, and a pair of XY coordinates will appear. Now, you have to identify the same feature on the map and click on it. The longitude and latitude pair of coordinates will appear and identify the picture.

Relations with school topics

Atmosphere, biodiversity, the science of astronomy

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Citizen Science
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