Rock Around the World

Find and send Earth rocks to help explore Mars.

What is Rock Around the World?

To analyse rocks on Mars, scientists need to have them in hand, as not all experiments can be easily done with a robot. But having a robot on Mars is already very difficult... By analysing all different types of rocks on the Earth, scientists compare them to the rocks the robots see on Mars. By gathering all types of rocks from around the world, they create a huge database and use it to explore the red planet.

What do you do?

All you need to do if you find a special rock is to send it to the team of scientists based in the USA. They will analyse the rocks and send you a certificate, listing the components of the rock. Later, you will be able to find your rock in the online database and see all its details. Currently, Rock Around the World is not accepting any submissions due to a large backlog. Updates can be found on the website. 

Relations with school topics

Geology, composition and structure, surface

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Citizen Science
Data Collection
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