A way of evidencing application of skills and knowledge in a creative manner.

Giving students a summative assessment that involves the completion of a project provides you with evidence of student learning.

Type of assessment

Summative assessment measures a student’s achievement at the end of a unit or course.  It provides evidence of what students learned, whether curriculum outcomes have been met and the degree to which they were attained. 

How to Use

1. Before beginning the project, review targeted outcomes and create a list of criteria or a rubric that students can refer to while completing their project.

2. Students complete the project and then present it to their class or to another group of students in another class or in another grade.

When to Use

This type of assessment not only encourages learning about the content of the project itself, it also develops others skills such as public speaking.

References and additional information

Technique instructions adapted from Regier (2012)

Regier, Natalie (2012) Book Three: Summative Assessment – 50 Ways to Gather Evidence of Student Learning. Regier Educational Resources.  Available online in PDF.

Summative assessment
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