The Space Awareness MOOC series has now officially ended!
The courses remain available on the European Schoolnet Academy

The Massive Open Online Cources (or MOOCs) were a number of four online courses, which took place during the Space Awareness project, titled:

Teaching with Space and Astronomy – Autumn 2016

Navigation through the Ages – Spring 2017

Our Wonderful Universe – Summer 2017

Our Fragile Planet – Autumn 2017

The courses featured materials developed in the Space Awareness project, online events (webinars and teachmeets), classroom implementations and various ICT tools and supporting information in order to help participants use space and astronomy as a vehicle for teaching their own subjects.

The courses have reached 4,000+ education professionals passionate about learning how to teach using space and astronomy.

The courses will remain available for browsing on the European Schoolnet Academy.

Also, detailed information on the MOOCs' content and objectives is available on DEVELOP page of the Space Awareness website.

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