Peer feedback

Students give each other feedback about an assignment

Students give each other feedback about an assignment that they have just completed.  By participating directly in the feedback process the students become more engaged and responsible for their learning processes.

Type of assessment

Formative assessment explores students’ learning development during the process; it is a form of feedback, reflection and quality assurance. 

How to Use

1. Introduce the ‘success criteria’. These are the qualities that make a good piece of work such as the effective use of language or using evidence to support an argument in an essay.

2. Students read each other’s assignments and make notes on the extent to which each success criterion was achieved.

3. In pairs, the students give each other written and/or and verbal feedback, based on the success criteria.

4. While your students are giving each other feedback, walk around the class to monitor the feedback that each pair is giving. You can join in discussions to add your opinion if students need some help giving feedback.

When to Use

Peer feedback is ideal during practice assessments, for example in the lead-up to an exam or similar.

References and additional information

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