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Entrevistas em Português

Meet Clara Cruz Niggebrugge, Ana Noronha, Rui Agostinho, David Vaz, Pedro Mota Machado, Celeste Pereira, Vasco Pereira, Bruno Carvalho and read what do they say about their careers.

Clara Cruz Niggebrugge, Mathematician working in the Education department of ESA, talks about her career. “I really like the environment I work in, it is a very international and intercultural environment with people from various scientific and technical backgrounds. It is a setting where there is always the will to innovate and go beyond what has been done before.”

Ana Noronha, Physicist, working as CEO of Ciência Viva, talks about her career in Space education. “I have a strong curiosity for all sciences, not only Physics, and working in Ciência Viva allows me to contact and follow the evolution of the different fields of science.”

Rui Agostinho, Astrophysicist at the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University / Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon, talks about his career as Professor, Director of the Observatory and Researcher. “I have a passion for teaching. It is fascinating for me to explain something to someone and see the other person understanding it in the end, establishing the link between knowledges.”

David Vaz, Mars Geologist from the Earth and Space Sciences Research center of the University of Coimbra, talks about his career. “The principles and tools we use to study the Earth are the same we use to explore the geology of other planets”

Pedro Mota Machado, Astrophysicist from the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences, talks about his career. “I love knowing that some of the things I study have never been seen by anyone, that I am the first to detect meridional winds in Venus, for instance, which was our latest finding. It is an enormous pleasure to help Humanity give a small step in this great adventure of understanding the Universe we live in.”

Celeste Pereira, Chemical Engineer working as operations director at HPS Portugal, talks about her career. “I have always loved studying and I think that is the source of my will to become a scientist, to help others develop knowledge and to lead a company to make great things of interest for the country.”

Vasco Pereira, Aerospace Engineer at Airbus Defense & Space, talks about his career as Attitude and Orbit Control Systems Engineer. “This career allows me to do out of the ordinary things, to think outside the box, look for new things and make sure that everything really works because when we launch something into space we need to make sure it won’t fail.”

Bruno Carvalho, Electronics & Computer Engineer at CRITICAL Software, talks about his role as responsible for space business within his company. “We are working for the future of mankind, a future that we would like to be happier and more open. Going to Mars might be a very interesting point in a distant future.”

Clara Cruz Niggebrugge, Ana Noronha, Rui Agostinho, David Vaz, Pedro Mota Machado, Celeste Pereira, Vasco Pereira, Bruno Carvalho
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