Tell us how complex sunspots are and contribute to protecting human beings in and near outer space.

What is Sunspotter?

Although the Sun is 150 million km away, its activity affects us. Eruptions from sunspot groups can coat the Earth with X-rays and high-energy particles, endangering astronauts and the ISS, interrupting GPS signals, damaging our satellite infrastructure, exposing high-altitude and high-latitude aircrafts to radiation, and even disrupting the electrical grid. The Sunspotter project aimed to expand human knowledge about the Sun and more effectively protect human beings in and near outer space.

What do you do?

All the data has been classified and it is no longer possible to participate. The results of the analysis will be made available on the website in the future. Sunspotter aimed to construct a reliable measure of sunspot group complexity. For this, pictures of a sunspot group had to be rated to help answer the following questions: are sunspots born complex or do they evolve to become complex? Do complex sunspot groups produce more eruptions?

Relations with school topics

Sun, the Solar System

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