EU Space Awareness releases brand-new Space Career Booklet
The Space Careers Booklet is now available in 9 languages!

EU Space Awareness strives to promote space and astronomy education in Europe and beyond. The project aims at informing young people about current research, issues related to space sciences and the numerous career opportunities offered by space.

To show the future generation of explorers the whole variety of space science careers, we are happy to announce that today, 10 October 2017, the Space Career Booklet is released! The release of this new material is dedicated to the culmination of World Space Week 2017, the largest public space event on Earth.

This booklet provides information about a number of exciting space-related careers like astrochemist, project scientist, aerospace engineer, nutritionist, graphic designer, space lawyer, and of course astronaut! This list is far from being complete but we are sure that everyone will find something interesting in this booklet.

The Space Career booklet can be used by:
- teachers of both primary and secondary levels of education as educational material for class demonstration, investigation, home assignment, etc.
- career counsellors to advise students on the choice of future job opportunities
- students (starting from 7 years old) to get information on what space-related careers look like and what they would do on daily basis if they choose to follow a specific career path
- parents to discuss with their children possible career paths
- science centres, outreach organisations, scientists, and anyone who wishes to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and space education.

In addition to English, the Space Career booklet is now available in eight more European languages:

- English









This is not the only news we have! Soon, in addition to the booklet, we will release a Space Career poster to motivate and encourage youngsters to step in the exciting world of opportunities space offers.