A Dice Game

Our wonderful Universe, Our fragile planet, Navigation through the ages, The journey of ideas

A dice game for the classroom

Educational level: From Primary to Secondary School 

Cost: Low

Time: 1-2 hours 

Brief Description 

A simple activity where students are introduced to diferent space careers by playing a dice game, after which they have to write a text or a theatrical play about the theme.


  • To introduce students to space related careers.
  • To identify students’ interests and hopes for the future.
  • To promote space careers as a motivation for learning and studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at school.
  • To explore and to research about possible future space careers and space missions. 
  • To investigate space science topics and phenomena which relate to space careers.

Learning objectives 

Students will be able:

  • To identify and explore skills that are important in the pursuit of a career related to space;
  • To identify current and future space careers, and their importance to humankind;
  • To image future space missions within our Solar System.


  • Ask the student to identify some space careers.
  • Assess the originality of the text or theatrical play describing the space mission to a body of our Solar System imagined by the student, checking if the required skills and importance of the job to humankind were indicated. 
6 - 19
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